The Original Digital Crown and Side Button
Style Accessory for Apple Watch

Personalize the look of your Apple Watch with WatchDots. Available in a variety of colors,
WatchDots are precision cut, durable and thin. This is how the Apple Watch should look.

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WatchDots depicted on this website are 3D rendered for visual clarity. Actual color may slightly differ.

Minor details. Major impact.

WatchDots are the product of a marriage between fashion and technology. The material, sizes, and colors are carefully selected to respect and complement your Apple Watch.

Precision Cut

WatchDots are precision cut for a consistent fit on both the Digital Crown and side button using a specialized die cutting process.

Appealing Colors

WatchDots are available in colors that accurately match and enhance the look of your Apple Watch Sport. Check back often for limited edition releases.

Made in the U.S.A.

We are proud to be American owned and operated. Our materials are sourced from American vendors and WatchDots are manufactured locally in Massachusetts.

Made for everyday wear.

WatchDots are inherently durable and long lasting. Made of commercial grade vinyl, they are as tough as they are fashionable, yet still easily removable.

Weather Resistant

With a life expectancy of 5-8 years, our high performance vinyl can withstand the often damaging effects of all kinds of weather.

UV Protection

WatchDots are bright and vibrant. They won’t fade due to exposure to sunlight and the color will remain true for years.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Buttons are meant to be pressed. Once applied, WatchDots pressure sensitive adhesive will ensure a bond that gets stronger over time.

Customers love WatchDots

Based on the latest results from our Customer Satisfaction Survey, WatchDots have a 96% Satisfaction Rating. Discover for yourself what makes us different.

Z. Vaisman - California, USA

“Crazy as it sounds, the reason I purchased an Apple Watch was because of WatchDots. It's the perfect little accent. It's the finishing touch, that much needed "cherry on top". It wouldn't be complete without it.”

J. McConnell - Ohio, USA

“I love your product, but even more, I love and appreciate how great your customer service is at WatchDots! It makes me feel important and not just a 'customer'”

J. Clover -

“I looked at WatchDots and assumed they'd be difficult to apply, but I was pleasantly surprised by the clever application method that only takes a couple of seconds.”

Available in a wide variety of colors

WatchDots are available in colors that closely match Apple Sport Bands, plus special edition yellow and gold.
Check back often as we introduce new colors to our collection.

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